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wax patterns for jewelry casting

Jewelry Metal Molds Plastic Injection

When you need a master to create your customized jewelry 'masterpiece' put our expertise to work for you. Emblematic Tools makes customized wax patterns and metald molds for jewelry casting. All our work is based on your specifications. Jewelry making starts with design. To create the perfect wax or metal mold we need to capture uour vision. You may have all the details prepared by sketch or just a few ideas of what you want. We can help bring those ideas into focus and translate your desires into a wax pattern or metal mold that will be used to cast your jewelry.

With wax patterns the design process is fluid allowing us to alter the design as needed. As we near completion we will review with you and make changes final modifications. When the design is finalized your wax pattern will be transferred to a metal mold for the actual casting. We will guide you through the entire jewelry casting process and you will be pleased with our focus on quality!

Custom Wax Patterns for Jewelry Casting

The wax pattern for your jewelry will be created using a process called lost wax casting. The design is created in a mold and the wax pattern is applied (see below). As the wax is slowly burned away either gold or silver is injected into the remaining cavities to produce your jewelry. What remains is your finished piece.

Custom Metal Molds Jewelry

Metal molds offer two advantages over rubber molds. First they last longer. The process of jewelry casting takes its toll on your mold. Since metal is harder it will hold up better. Second metal molds allow for more detail and produce higher quality pieces than rubber molds. When quality is important use a metal mold for jewelry casting.

Emblematic Tool also offers die striking, trimming services, and special machine engraving in custom gold or silver for rings, pendants and charms.

Metal Mold Examples

  • Championship rings
  • Custom designs (2" max size)
  • Corporate crest emblems
  • Building designs
  • Pet designs
  • Child silhouette charms
  • Academy rings and pendants
  • Signet rings
  • Family crest pendants
  • Travel charms
  • Religious medals and crosses
  • Miniature badges for identification, retirement
  • Department rings
  • Historic charms

Die Striking Examples

  • Corporate logos and designs
  • Recognition emblems
  • Service emblems
  • Nursing emblems
  • Medical emblems
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